Lunch Like a Local at Moss + Oak Savannah Eatery

Last Friday I had the opportunity to try a new downtown restaurant with my friend Rosa! Moss + Oak Savannah Eatery is located on Bay Street inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Rosa's store RMC Boutique is also on Bay Street so this was a convenient spot for us to grab lunch and go over a few business plans! The restaurant currently has a great special that I wanted to share with all of you - now through September 4, 2017, show your Georgia ID and you will get 20% off of any entree!  

The restaurant is very beautiful and chic- I loved the open kitchen and the bar area was lovely as well. The restaurant features a rooftop garden that provides fresh herbs for all of the dishes as well as a bee hive for truly local honey! The bar opens up to the outside patio which is so fun! The patio area features outdoor seating, fire pits and a great view of the river. 

Rosa and I started our lunch meeting with a few cocktails - I had the Savannah Sunset & she had the Raspberry Lemondrop. For my entree, I decided on the Caprese Flat Bread and Rosa ordered the Shrimp & Grits. Mine was delicious and I know hers was as well! Everything tasted very fresh and the presentation was lovely. 

All in all I think this is a great addition to the restaurant scene in Savannah. I could see myself meeting up here for business lunches and then Brandon and I hanging out at the outdoor patio/bar on the weekends! Let me know if you go & try it! xoxo, Meredith 

Promotion Details - Show Georgia ID to enjoy 20% off any entree. Valid M-F 11am to 3 pm through September 4, 2017. One coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other coupons or promotional offers. Taxes and gratuity are not included. 



Meet My New Friend Trinity & Learn How You Can Help!

Last week I had the absolute honor of meeting the sweetest little girl, Trinity. I'd like to think that fate brought us together through a flyer that I saw at Spanky's Pooler - right down the street from my office. You see, when my husband, my sister & I walked in to Spanky's there was a flyer that caught my attention. There was the cutest little girl with a big smile on a Go Fund Me flyer. I proceeded to pull off the tear-away tab at the bottom that contained a link to her page. As soon as we sat down I pulled up the page and began to read. I wasn't halfway done reading when my eyes teared up and I said "I want to meet this little girl. I think I can help her." I was able to get in contact with her mother a few days later an arranged a time when I could go to her house to meet Trinity! Luckily I was able to meet her a day before my birthday - what a joy that was! My friend Andrea joined along, as she was in town for our Savannah Influencers meeting!

Trinity is a very happy & active 7-year-old girl. She loves to dance, sing & play with her 4 siblings! She has Down Syndrome, which makes her "extra special" as her mother Nina put it. During our meeting, I learned that Trinity has had 2 open heart surgeries already- one at 2.5 months old and the second at 3 years old. She still has a residual VSD (hole in the middle wall of the heart) & an aortic valve leak. She also has Leukopenia (a reduction in the number of white cells in the blood), asthma, a peanut allergy & sensory issues. I also learned that sometimes children with Down Syndrome have a propensity to bolt - whether it be at the park, at the grocery store, or even at home. Trinity's mom thought that a service dog would be a wonderful way to help keep Trinity from bolting as well as assisting with keeping her calm at her doctor's appointments and helping with her physical therapy. 

When we arrived at their house, Nina greeted us at the door and welcomed Andrea and I inside. She called upstairs for Trinity and the cutest little girl came bouncing down the stairs. We also met her 4 siblings who were all so polite and well mannered kids. We spent around 45 minutes talking to Nina about Trinity's life story and playing with Trinity. She showed us her trophy that she got from dance class and then she sat right beside me and we were doodling in my planner. We took a few photos together and then she grabbed my phone and took a few selfies! My favorite part was when she was scrolling through my photo gallery and saw a picture of Brandon - she said "Ohhhhhh he's cute!" Just being around her for 45 minutes brought me so much joy. Her playful spirit and her enthusiasm for everything was contagious. We also discussed their need of a service dog and I told Nina that I thought I would be able to help raise awareness for their Go Fund Me page. 

Nina has found several waiting lists for service dogs however they are not hypoallergenic breeds & they won't train dogs that aren't from their list of breeders. After some research, Nina was able to connect with Skye Doodles in Atlanta, GA - they specialize in breeding Australian Labradoodles. These dogs are hypoallergenic and can be trained to be successful service dogs. The cost of these dogs are $2,750. The training of the service dog takes about 2 years and costs around $14,000! Thankfully, a few guys associated with Wounded Warriors in Pooler have volunteered to train the service dog free of charge - an incredible blessing! After visiting Trinity's home I learned that her family would love to have a secure back yard fence. This would keep Trinity safe and would also give her a space to play outside without being able to wander off. So how can you help? My wish and goal is to be able to help raise the money for Trinity to get her service dog and be able to install a backyard fence! 

I though it would be a great idea for me to generate a discount code for my t-shirt line to offer my followers a 10% discount. On sales generated through this discount code through July 15th- I will donate 20% of the proceeds to Trinity's page! Use Discount Code: Trinity

You can also donate directly to Trinity via her Go Fund Me Page (click here). 

I found a few fun videos from the family Facebook page - Gardner 101 that I thought I would share so that you can see how much joy and personality Trinity has! 

It would mean the absolute world to me to be a small part in making this dream come true for Trinity and her family. I hope that she will touch your heart the way she has touched mine. I texted with Nina today to tell her I was preparing the blog post tonight and told her to tell Trinity I said hi. Trinity's response was to tell me that I was "so so so cute." What a little angel she is! 

Please let me know if you have any questions & I'd love to hear what you think about this post!

xoxo, Meredith 

NYC Trip Recap

Hello! As you probably know from my social media feeds, I spent last Thursday-Sunday in New York City! The trip was planned around the Create+Cultivate NYC Conference. I heard about the event a few months ago and for some reason or another I just felt compelled to go. I extended the information to some of my friends and luckily two of them were able to go! 

A little info on what the Create + Cultivate NYC event was all about - 

"We gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from influencer marketing and brand building to raising money. are destined to meet other talented, like-minded women, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. Attendees get access to a highly curated, impactful one-day program of workshops, mentor sessions, and panels....."

I was joined on the trip with Jessica Mock, owner of a sugaring hair removal salon & boutique - Southern Sugaring, and Rosa Carpenter, owner of RMC Boutique (both businesses are located in Downtown Savannah). I was so excited to be on a girls trip in the city with 2 business women! :) I knew we were going to have a blast. The funny part is that the three of us had so many great conversations that I got a ton of motivation, inspiration & knowledge from these AMAZING women without even taking the conference into consideration. 

We arrived in NYC on Thursday afternoon. Our first evening was spent dining at Ben's Deli and attending Chicago - it was my first Broadway show! Not gonna lie I was SO exhausted the first night because I worked like crazy M-W to get things in order to be out of town T-F. 

Friday, we woke up bright & early to attend a Body By Simone dance/cardio class. Holy shit - this class was intense! It was so much fun though! The rest of the day it absolutely POURED DOWN RAIN. Thank God we were able to make it to Saks around 5:30...... we occupied the shoe department for most of the night. After shutting down Saks, we got a pedicab to Smith & Wollensky steak house.... highly recommend! The oysters and filet were delicious. 

Saturday, super early - we headed to the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn for the C&C Event. We were there at 8am and the first panel started around 9:15. There were several pop-up shops set up inside the warehouse and also a sweet beauty lounge! The panels were very informative and motivational. We also got to select two mentors to go into small group Q&A sessions with. We were with Mica May from May Designs first, followed by Hilary Sloan of Shop Style. Hilary had her super cute dog, Ella Bean, along for the day. Of course, my absolute favorite part of the day was seeing Arielle of Something Navy on one of the afternoon panels. Her husband was sitting fairly close to us Snapchatting the whole thing - love seeing a supportive hubby! I got a chance to talk to her and get a photo afterwards. 

Saturday night was pretty low-key. We had an early dinner then went back to the room. I went to bed by 11. Sunday morning we needed to leave for the airport around 1:30 - so Jessica and I went to Bloomingdales to finish up our shopping. Let's just say that our husbands were a bit spoiled this day, as we both brought home awesome gifts. :-) Rosa wasn't feeling well, so she stayed in the room to relax. All in all, the trip was a success and I came back to Savannah excited and ready to create! I'm excited to see which city C&C travels to next! 

P.S. - I'm working on a post to share all of my outfit details from the trip. :-) 

Don't Let ANYONE Put You In A Box

Happy Monday! I hope that you all had a great weekend. I spent mine working, spent some time with a few dear friends, and topped it off last night with pizza with Brandon at Belle Napoli. 

I wanted to write this post to encourage you all to BE YOURSELF! Society has a funny way of labeling you, judging you and telling you who and what you can do based on what they think is appropriate. I'm here to tell you all that that is complete bullshit. You need to do what makes you happy- dress the way you want to dress, say the things you want to say, hang out with who you want to hang out with, do the job you want to do, and on and on and on..... catch my drift? 

Someone is always going to talk badly about someone else who is #livingtheirbestlife. I think there is a certain type of person that feels threatened by others who are confident & having fun in their lives. I'm here to tell you today - keep doing what you love, stay true to yourself, and ignore those who wish to speak badly of you or see you fail. People's words about you (or actions) say more about them than it does about you. 

I am so thankful for my support system. They encourage me to be myself, and they love me for me, just as I love them for who they are. If I, as a CPA, did and behaved exactly as society expected me to do - can you imagine how bland I would be if I did numbers all day, after day, after day, and never had any fun or followed any of my other passions? Thank God I'm confident enough not to be stuck in a "box." Thank God I have a supportive husband who is my #1 Fan and I can guarantee he loves my sense of humor and inner child more than he loves my CPA license. Thank God for family & friends who <3 me and are loyal to me. 

Have you ever felt judged for being yourself? Personally, I'd rather spend my time empowering each other than tearing people down behind their back. Cheers to all of you who are brave enough to show the world your true self, instead of pretending to be something else. 

Photo by Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

Photo by Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design

On a happier note - I'm going to post some more pictures of the Gucci-inspired patched denim jacket I've been working on. After some encouragement from a friend, I'm considering offering a design & customization service for these jackets through my website. Do you have a denim or camo jacket you want patched up? There are SO many fun options available on Etsy. I can take pics of my jacket and give you some ideas. I'm also waiting on some more t-shirt samples to come in so I can finalize the designs. I can't wait for you all to be able to SHOP my website and it will begin with these t-shirts. I'm aiming to have this up before the end of April. Everything will be totally "Tongue In Cheek Chic" inspired. 

Lastly, I'm so excited for our next Savannah Influencers meeting later this week. Andrea is coming down from Charleston for the meeting and staying with us for the night. We are busy working on ideas for our next "Gives Back" initiative for our community. Can't wait to see everyone! For more information about Savannah Influeners, visit our website Here.



Why Confidence Is Everything

At the ripe age of (almost) 28, I can say that I have never been as confident in myself as I am today. Growing up, we're told over & over to "Be Confident! Believe in Yourself! But... in today's time of the Social Media "let's all pretend that we're perfect and have the perfect family and perfect house and perfect waist & perfect skin era" it's so easy to get wrapped up in what other people "have" and compare that to what you don't. If you are truly confident in yourself, you can admire what other people have or look like without taking a personal dig at yourself. If you are truly confident in yourself, you don't have to feel jealous of anyone because you are always true to yourself and believe that you can have/achieve anything you want. If you are truly confident in yourself, you aren't held back from getting the things you truly want in fear of what others might think of you.

Confidence is NOT arrogance. Arrogance is thinking you are better than you actually are at a particular thing (or person). Confidence is knowing what your strengths are and not being afraid to showcase them. It's being fucking proud of the person you are, with no apologies given! Arrogance is annoying, confidence is admirable.

Confidence begins to build once you can thoroughly evaluate yourself and be at peace with the person that you truly are. You then have to set a vision for your life, and determine what your goals are. You have to accept that you aren't perfect & know that you can be better. Who wants to be the same person they were 10 years ago? 5 years ago? 1 year ago? Not me! Change = evolving. I'd like to think that I am confident enough to make the choices & decisions I need to constantly be moving forward to achieve my vision. 

I want to encourage all of you to check your confidence game. If I was so worried about what other people thought of me, I would never have been confident enough to start this website, quit my corporate job to work with my husband, start #SavannahInfluencers, sell our house to move back downtown, cuss like a sailor, wear hair extensions, meet new friends, break down personal boundaries, dress the way I want to dress, feel the way I want to feel. 

What does confidence mean to you and how do you think it's important?

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend. Life is busier than ever for me right now but that seems to be my new normal, and I'm adjusting to that. I can't wait to incorporate some more thought-provoking & real posts into my website, as well as feature some of my amazing, talented, and smart friends. 

xoxo, Meredith 



My Thoughts On "Me" Time

Last week I had the honor of  publishing a Guest Post for one of my friends, Ashley Beschell. Ashley is not only an Engineer, but also a Savannah-based photographer. One of her passions is Boudoir Photography & she recently started a Facebook group called "Inspiring Love." Through this group & her Boudoir sessions, Ashley seeks women to love themselves, accept their flaws, and share the empowering and beautiful results that come from these photos. Below is the article I posted......

 Let's get right to it! I want to talk about building confidence in yourself and taking some “me” time. As women, I think it’s so easy to get caught up in helping others first- family members, co-workers, friends, and putting your needs to the side. While it’s easy to think that always putting others first is the right thing, that can lead to neglecting yourself and maybe one day you look in the mirror and think- “wow, who am I looking at and where have I gone?” This can lead to negative thoughts & feelings and possibly lowered self-confidence. 

I want to stress the importance of taking some time every day to devote to yourself. We all have busy lives, but taking just a few (or ten) more minutes every morning to make yourself feel beautiful will make such a difference in your life. Work with the features you’ve got and let them shine! Have good hair? Show it off! Do you have long eyelashes? Add some mascara to really make them pop. And lipstick!!! The right shade can make such a difference for your face. Side note - a little under-eye concealer makes everyone look better. Personally, I love getting ready every morning and spending a few extra minutes to look & feel my best. Doing so gives me the confidence I need to face anything that day. Being confident is so powerful and it radiates from the inside out so that others can truly feel your presence. When you are fulfilling your own needs and feeling more confident & powerful, just think how much more of an impact you can make on other people’s lives. Maybe you’ve even got a little extra pep in your step to try something new or bring up a new idea at your next work meeting. Building up your confidence is the key to success! 

I was reading one of my favorite books - “What I Know For Sure” by Oprah and I came across this paragraph- 

As women we’ve been programmed to sacrifice everything in the name of what is good and right for everyone else. Then if there’s an inch left over, maybe we can have a piece of that. We need to deprogram ourselves. I know for sure that you can’t give what you don’t have. If you allow yourself to be depleted to the point where your emotional and spiritual tank is empty and you’re running on fumes of habit, everybody loses. Especially you.

Powerful, right? I want to challenge you all to write down a few things that you love about yourself and also jot down a few things that you’ve been neglecting about yourself. Then, pick a way that you can address one or two of the things you’ve been neglecting. I promise, building up your inner beauty/confidence will shine out for the whole world to see & admire. 

P.S. - Speaking of makeup routines, I'm editing a video that Makeup by Mary Elaine and I shot yesterday! Can't wait for you to see it. 


Why The New Year Excites Me & Why You Should Embrace Change.....

I know that it’s so cliche to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, and personally in the past I haven’t been that successful with sticking to mine (Work out everyday, drink a green smoothie every morning, don’t procrastinate). Regardless, the idea of change always excites me. I’m not quite sure what it is that I love, but maybe it’s more of the idea that we have the power to change what we want in our own lives. 

I’d like to think that we are all on a journey to becoming our best selves. Simultaneously that journey includes getting to know to real “you” along the way. Looking back at the person I was when I was 20 compared to who I am now at 27 is such a different person, yet I feel more “me” than I’ve ever felt before. I think that’s because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really listened to myself, and instead of doing what others wanted me to do or what society expected of me, I’ve decided to do what I WANT TO DO! 

I feel that 2016 has been a great year for me, both professionally & personally. I have made so many new friends and met some incredibly inspiring people. I am so excited for things I’ve got in the works currently, and can’t wait to see them manifest in 2017. As time goes on, I become more focused on my goals & know that I can’t get sidetracked by negative people or by people who don’t understand the journey I’m on! 

At the end of the day, I want to encourage each and every one of you to think about what truly makes you happy, and the vision you see for yourself in the future. If you focus on these visions, you will be successful in achieving them! Forget about trying to make other people happy! Forget about being scared of what others may think of you! Trust me, being confident in yourself will get you so much further in life. 

All of this being said, I would like to get a few ladies together in early January to have a Vision Board Party. We can drink wine, eat yummy snacks, and pick out photos, quotes, and words that resonate with what we want to achieve in the new year. We can then hang our boards or take a picture of them, and if we’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed, we can look back at these boards and remember why we started! Let me know if you’d be interested! Cheers to looking forward and cheers to an amazing life! 

xoxo, Meredith

P.S. - Over the summer I got the opportunity to work with Andrea Kinnear & Carol Jensky with The Mosaic Concept. They did a Mini Vision Review & gave me a Visuals Book for my website & social media. Part of their process was creating a "mood board" for my brand. Needless to say, I was absolutely obsessed with it and wanted to share it with you! I'm definitely a visual person, so having this mood board to go back to again and again is such an asset, as it is a constant reminder of the vibes that I want to be putting out to the world. I can't wait to make a vision board in January! 


My Ultimate Savannah Gift Guide

Hi loves! I am so excited to share this post with you. Several other local bloggers and myself have been compiling our own Savannah Gift Guides to give you some wonderful ideas for your holiday shopping. We have so many lovely options in Savannah to shop locally, so why not?!? This gift guide is just in time for Black Friday - some of the stores will even be featuring sales that day! Are any of these items jumping out at you? Let me know!! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to everyone for your continued support. 

1. "Savannah" Candle at The Paris Market. I am obsessed with their candles - they are everything. One thing I've always disliked about candles is that you may not necessarily want the "color" the matches the scent. With these, that's not a concern, as they are all white & the label is minimal. This is the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life. You can order the candles online or get them in store. 

2. Pave Moon Wrap Necklace from Suede & Stones. Chokers are everywhere right now, and this necklace gives you the freedom to wrap it as you please. Love the moon pendant, so dreamy. Order this online via their Etsy store, these beauties are made right here in Savannah. 

3. Quay Sugar & Spice Marble Sunglasses from Southern Sugaring. Did you know that you can get the Instagram-popular Quay sunnies right here in Downtown Savannah? I purchased these a few months ago and they are fab. Jessica has several options stocked for you. This sugaring boutique offers much more than just hair removal. They have Spanx, gorgeous Italian lingerie and Essie nail polish, just to name a few things. Basically everything you need to feel sexy. On Black Friday, items in the store are Buy One, Get One 50% off (skincare excluded)!

4. Bell Sleeve Top from RMC Boutique. This top is so pretty! I love the olive color, but there are others available as well. You can shop this in store or online. Again, notice the choker detail built right in to the shirt. Pair this with a  jeans & heels or with a pencil skirt. Rosa has so many beautiful pieces in her store, go check it out!

5. Coffee Table Books at The Paris Market. This is one of my absolute favorite stores downtown. The store is filled with lovely items, seriously a must-visit when you're in town. Their selection of gorgeous coffee table books is perfection. Who wouldn't want to peruse the art-filled pages of this Parisian inspired book? 

6. Cashmere Skull Dog Sweater from Terra Cotta Boutique. My list wouldn't be complete without something for our furry companions! How cute is this black & white doggie sweater? This dog that I found on their Instagram almost looks identical to my maltese, Blue! 

7. Peppermint Headache Stick from Nourish Savannah. For only $6.00, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for that friend who is always stressed out or getting headaches. Relieves headache tension within minutes, naturally. Available online or in store. 

8. Felt Hat at Harper Boutique. Harper has a great selection of hats, and this olive green one really stood out to me. It's stunning & will elevate any winter outfit from basic to street-style star. 

I hope you enjoy this list! Let me know if you have any questions about anything I've listed above. Happy Shopping!!! xoxo, Meredith 

My Current Workout Playlist

Lately I've been loving doing circuit training! Jump rope, Bosu Ball, Kettlebells, Resistance Bands, the whole 9. I tend to get really bored if I'm doing any one exercise for an extended period of time, so doing circuits is SO fun to me! And it's also a great time for to take my mind off of business & the world. I wanted to share with you the playlist I've been blasting during my workouts..... I have this saved on Tidal but I will list the songs out in case you don't have Tidal. Obvi it's heavily loaded with Yeezy. Now work on that booty! 

Tidal Link - https:/

1. This is What You Came For - Calvin Harris/Rihanna

2. 1st Day Out The Feds - Gucci Mane

3. By Chance - Rae Sremmurd

4. I Got The Keys - DJ Khaled, JAY Z, Future

5. Saint Pablo - Kanye West

6. Champions - Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott

7. Feedback - Kanye West

8. Wolves - Kanye West

9. FML - Kanye West 

10. Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

11. Grammys - Drake, Future

12. New Bae - Vic Menza

13. Blame - Calvin Harris, John Newman

This Week's Obsessed List

What a week it's been! I've been working on the office {STILL} this week. Not stressing it & keep telling myself that "All good things take time." I'm spilling the details on what I've been loving this week. (Make sure to see bottom of the post, I'm sharing links to great holiday sales this weekend!)

  • I would be a fool to not mention the magnificence that was the Game of Throne finale last Sunday. After "Battle of the Bastards" the week before, I didn't think my heart could be happier, but oh, it was. Don't you just love Jon Snow? The shouting out of "The King In The North" gave me goosebumps..... and when R+L=J was FINALLY confirmed, I almost cried! Words can't express..... they just can't. When the camera went from the baby's dark eyes to Jon's face it was nothing short of amazing. The music, the detail, the moment was EVERYTHING. Brandon and I were so damn excited! Kit Harington deserves an Emmy. Alas, now we must wait 9 more months for the next season... truly tragic. 
I Heart you, Jon Snow. 

I Heart you, Jon Snow. 

  •  My love seat finally came in from West Elm and I couldn't be happier with it.... I'm OBSESSED with it. Can't wait to decorate - needs artwork, and perhaps a plant or small side table. 
West Elm Denmark Sofa - find it here! 

West Elm Denmark Sofa - find it here! 

  • Lately I've been obsessed with Oprah. I think she is the eptiomy of the ultimate #girlboss. She truly inspires me! I just signed up for a FREE 21-day Meditation Experience that she and Deepak Chopra are offering. It's called: Getting Unstuck, Creating a Limitless Life. It begins on 7/11/16 and you can sign up here.  I started learning about meditation last year and an excited to try this course. 


  • I finally got a FRENCH PRESS! I've been experimenting with it this week, there is definitely a science to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Hopefully I will master it over the 3-day weekend. I picked up this really affordable one at Target. Get yours here. 
  • Last obsession for this week - GOOP! I am subscribed to the weekly newsletter that is put out by Gwenyth Paltrow & Goop. I've been trying to incorporate more smoothies in my diet this week and I stumbled across the smoothie that GP herself drinks every single day. Talk about perfect timing to find this recipe. I am kinda obsessed with seeing what peoples daily routines are, so I was tickled to find this smoothie. Lots of ingredients I've never heard of, but I will be experimenting with them next week so stay tuned. Link to GP smoothie here.  I will admit that a lot of the stuff on GOOP is excessive, especially the clothing, but there are some really great articles on there relating to mind/body, anxiety, family, love life, etc. 

Last but certainly not least, there are some great sales going on this holiday weekend, you don't want to miss out! Some of my favorite online shopping destinations are having great sales. Be sure to check them out below. 

H&M - Sale items as low as $4! Click here. 

Macys - 20& off with promo code FOURTH

NastyGal - 40% off sale items here.  

Revolve - up to 50% off here.  

Urban Outfitters - 30% off sale items here.

A Few Words about Orlando

Yesterday I was deeply upset by what happened in Orlando. I shared some of my thoughts on my Facebook page, but wanted to write them on my site as well. I am praying for those affected by this tragedy, and our country. I hope that one day we can all LOVE and not HATE. 

Let's all make an attempt to spread peace or love to someone everyday. Xoxo, Meredith 

You Deserve An At-Home Spa Day

No matter who you are or what you do, we all deserve a little down time to pamper ourselves. I fully believe that you can't be your best self unless you take time to take care of you! We all need to unwind & relax a little! You don't have to spend tons of money at the spa to treat yourself like the queen you are. I am sharing with you all of my favorite things for when I'm feeling stressed & in need of some serious R&R. This week I want to challenge all of you to take some "me" time. Listen to your favorite play list, run a luxurious bubble bath, wear a beautiful robe, give yourself a mani/pedi, light a candle. Make a list of the things you're thankful for and some goals you'd like to work on this week. I want to know what & how you are going to treat yourself this week... let me know! xoxo, Meredith 


1. CANDLE - Voluspa Bourbon Vanille is decadent and smells amazing. Order online or if you're Downtown SAV, Midge on Broughton Street sells this brand. 

2. THE PERFECT BUBBLE BATH - A combo of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt & Foaming Bath in lavender is my favorite recipe for the ultimate relaxing bath. 

3. EXFOLIATE - Is your body in need of polishing? Try this Bliss Soap'n Scrub Exfoliator. It will having your skin feeling brand new. 

4. HAIR - Hair care is so important! Make sure that you are buying quality products. My favorite line is by Lanza. Try their Healing Shampoo & Conditioner, followed by their Healing Oil. I also like to use It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray before I comb my hair. 

5. MOISTURIZER - My favorite body butter is Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. Apply right after you get out of the bath or shower. 

6. SELF-TAN - In need of a color boost? Skip the body butter & try Xen Tan Moroccan Tan if you prefer a lotion formula, or use St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse. 

7. LUXURIOUS ROBE - This Barefoot Dreams robe is a splurge, but I promise you won't regret it. I've never felt a softer, more comfortable robe. This is a celebrity favorite, Khloe wore it in the Hamptons episodes. 

8. FACE TREATMENTS - If you are stressed, tired, or over-worked, your face will surely show it. Here are some awesome products I think you should try. The Pixi Mud Mask is a 15-minute facial that will purify, stimulate & brighten. Follow with Pixi Glow Peel Pads. These exfoliating pads contain 20% glycolic acid & minimize pores, breakouts & fine lines. I am addicted to these pads! Treat your lips with Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish. It's a 2-in-1 exfoliator and nourisher. Finally, pamper your eyes with the Sephora Green Tea Eye Mask. It gives a cool, fresh sensation & gives you a wide-awake look. Obviously I am seriously impressed with the Pixi line. It's available at Target (YES!!!!!!) & the quality is really amazing. 

9. NAILS - Nothing makes me feel more disgusting than chipped finger nail polish. Seriously, this is probably my biggest pet peeve. And if I don't like the color on my nails, I don't feel like I can function. Ladies, this is the EASIEST & CHEAPEST way to make yourself look pulled together. Give yourself a damn mani/pedi at home. I always use the combo of: OPI base coat + 2 coats of polish + Essie Gel-Setter top coat. 



Parisian Getaway In Savannah

One of my favorite boutiques in Savannah is The Paris Market. They have such a unique selection of items & the store is beautiful. I recently enjoyed a latte there and honestly it was one of the best that I've had in town. Tip - this is a great place to buy a gift. You can find them on Instagram @theparismarket