What I Wish I Knew When I Quit My First "Real" Job


Ugh - the agony, anxiety, and pain of quitting your first "real" job. I got a great part-time in college that transferred into a full-time position when I finished up with my Master's degree. At the time we were considering building a home in Statesboro, GA - I would be super close to work and we would only be 30 min away from family. I really loved the people I worked with there and I had a lot of opportunities to move up in the company. However, something felt off. I didn't feel right but didn't know what it was. Out of the blue one night, either Brandon or I said something about not really feeling "at home" in Statesboro and toyed with the idea of moving to Savannah. We both instantly knew that's what we wanted to do. I texted my BFF Kate about a job in Savannah and the wheels were in motion. I dreaded telling my boss that I was going to be resigning.

Everything happened really fast - I interviewed for a new position and got the job offer the next day. Now came the hard part - quitting! Seriously I was SO WORKED UP about it. I wasn't sleeping well, felt sick, everything. But I did it... and I cried.... and looking back - how embarrassing! Honestly, I've always been a people pleaser so the thought of disappointing my boss (whom I really respected and look up to) was too much. But of course, everything was amicable and I didn't "burn any bridges" (something my parents and Nana kept telling me was important). 

In hindsight - I had no reason to feel guilty. What I wish I knew when I quit my first job was this: 

1. Business is business. It keeps going way after you're gone.

2. If you've been a good employee - of course they don't want you to leave! It costs money & takes time to train employees and anytime turnover happens, the employer has to incur costs to replace you.

3. You have to do what's right for you - always! 

4. Be confident in your decisions. You know what your instincts are telling you - don't waiver from your truth. 

5. The anxiety goes away immediately. I felt so much better after I had just told them. And I was able to move on to being excited about my new opportunity and moving to Savannah. 

I worked at my next job for 11 months before we made to decision for me to go full time with the family business. Quitting the second job was much easier. I was nervous still but felt more confident. I learned that I didn't owe anyone a super detailed, personal explanation. 

How did you feel when you quit your first full-time job? Were you as scared as I was? Was it amicable?!? Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts. I really want to get more personal & engaged with you guys - I look forward to sharing more with you! 

P.S. - I still email my old boss whenever I have an accounting question. 




A Few Outfit Recaps

Hi guys! When I say that I have been BUSY the past few weeks - I mean it! I have missed 2 Falcons home game if that is any indication. In lieu of 3 separate posts, I opted to combine three recent outfits here and provide you a description & links to items shown. 

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xoxo, Meredith 


I had a lot of fun playing around with this look. I actually wore this on Halloween! I am very pleased with the purchase of this Mango Blazer, and I know that I will be wearing it so much for months to come. Red is huge right now & I really wanted to play around with red pants- & red shoes. I opted to also throw in the lace hose - as I've seen tons of my favorite street-style stars rocking tights & socks lately. 



Guys, I am obsessed with this luxe brown sweater. And it so SO warm. I paired it with these cream Mango jeans (another recent favorite purchase) and my go-to knit boots. This faux fur is so soft and I can't wait to wear it over & over. 

 Shoes - zara

Shoes - zara


Apparently I have a thing for war & fuzzy. I bought this jacket from Zara a few weeks ago and this was my first time wearing it. Brandon and I were going out for lunch & shopping on Saturday and I wanted to be comfortable but warm. The jacket was a bit much for day time, so I dressed it down with this hoodie from Urban Outfitters Men's section. I ended up loving how this look came together. The Celine sunnies were the perfect touch, in my opinion. 


#SavannahBloggersNightOut: Glam Details

For Saturday night out & about Downtown Sav, I stuck with neutral colors but added a few extra products to take my everyday routine up a notch and make it a bit more glam. I really prefer to focus on having clear & glowy skin, with neutral eye colors, bronzy-peach blush & a neutral lip as well. At the bottom of the post I have linked every single product I used! I know I keep promising a makeup video tutorial - and I really hope to have that up soon. Do you use any of these products? What are some of your personal favorites that you swear by? 

To see outfit details - click here! 

xoxo, Mere





#SavannahBloggersNightOut: Fashion Edit

 LtoR: @itsmaryelaine, ME, @katelaraine @little.miss.payne @kristensiciliano @glitterandjuls @beingmrsfowler @abravemess + her {cute} son Max, @kelsey_pardonmf

LtoR: @itsmaryelaine, ME, @katelaraine @little.miss.payne @kristensiciliano @glitterandjuls @beingmrsfowler @abravemess + her {cute} son Max, @kelsey_pardonmf

Guys, this past weekend we had such a fun night out in Downtown Savannah! Several of us Savannah-based bloggers enjoyed dinner & drinks together in our best IG-worthy outfits. We enjoyed a fab meal at The Collins Quarter (and quite literally set it on fire, as a tissue paper engulfed in candle flames soon after sitting down... so embarrassing!!!) and headed to Lulu's Chocolate Bar for yummy cocktails & dessert after. Pride Weekend + Halloween weekend meant for a super busy Dwtn, but our night was perfect. I am always happy to hang out with friends & meet new ones, too. I'm fairly certain this is going to be a recurring event, so if you'd like to join us next time - let me know! 

I wanted to give you my outfit breakdown ASAP because I am absolutely obsessed with these Zara track pants. They are amazing & you must have them in your life. They are less than $40!!  In fact, my entire outfit head to toe is Zara but that shouldn't surprise you at this point. Click on each pic to take you directly to the item. :-) I was initially going to wear this outfit with a mini skirt, but as soon as I put the pants on I knew it was the right vibe. When is the last time you had a GNO? You definitely need to make it a priority to treat yourself to a night out with friends, laughter, cocktails & a great meal. 

xoxo, Meredith 


 Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

 Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

 Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

Photo by: Kelsey, @kelsey_pardonmf

Trinity Got Her Fence!!


So happy that I can finally say that sweet Trinity and her family were blessed with a big & secure backyard fence today! As many of you know, I met Trinity back in June after seeing her Go Fund Me Page flyer in a local restaurant. At that time, she was raising money to get a service dog. A few weeks after I met her she was blessed with a Judah, her new Australian Labradoodle. I decided to then focus on raising money for her family to get a backyard fence for Trinity and her new puppy. 

I reached out to Renee LaSalle - she wrote an article about Trinity in Savannah Morning News and we even had an appearance on WSAV The Bridge! That same week I hosted a Pop-Up Shop at RMC Boutique downtown to continue raising money.  A few weeks went by, but I stayed positive because I knew that someway, God would bless Trinity's family. I received a phone call from Pam Cole, who had seen the newspaper article & wanted to help. I got her in touch with Nina, Trinity's mom right away! 

Today, Trinity's fence was completed. I can't say THANK YOU enough to Pam Cole and her companies, Trace Staffing & CORBAK - Office Technology Solutions for providing the fence. This was such a beautiful and generous donation to someone Pam had never even met. Now, Trinity & Judah have a safe place to play, and Nina doesn't have to worry about Trinity wandering off anymore.

I want to thank each and everyone one of my followers who shared Trinity's story & donated to her Go Fund Me Page. Thanks to Renee for helping us get Trinity's story out there. Thank you to Skye Doodle Atlanta for giving Trinity's family a HUGE discount on this wonderful puppy, and to Stan Perkins of the Wounded Warrior Dog Project for donating FREE service dog training for Judah.  

I am still blown away by all of the great things that have happened for Trinity in a few short months. It just goes to show you that it only takes a few acts of kindness to make an impact on someone's life.  I hope this inspires you in some way to pay it forward. xoxo, Meredith 



Cozy Cardi - 10.25.2017

"Cozy" isn't really a word that comes to mind when I think of my ideal outfit, but, this cardigan is simply put, cozy. I wanted to balance the loose sweater with a black tank & skinny jeans. I also went for a pop of color with my favorite shoes from Mr. Choo! The color is so divine and rich - I could seriously wear them every day and let them be the star of the outfit. This Zara sweater is also perfect layered over a dress or with sweats when you just want to stay home all day binge-watching Bravo and online shopping. 

Enough about the outfit & back to reality. Last night I went to a paint party at my friend Rosa's store, RMC Boutique. We painted Sugar Skulls (I kept calling mine a Sweet Skull) and Rosa collected donations to give to Safe Shelter, our local center for domestic violence. She went all out (as always) and we had amazing Mexican food from Carlito's along with margaritas. Thanks Rosa for the invite! 

Hope you all have a great Wednesday evening. Usually, I participate in Winesday Wednesday, but I have to avoid red wine today since I got Zoom teeth whitening at 7am this morning! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

xoxo, Mere



 Zara Long Cardigan (click on image for link)

Zara Long Cardigan (click on image for link)

 Zara Lace-Up Rostov Jeans (click on image for link)

Zara Lace-Up Rostov Jeans (click on image for link)

OTHER ITEMS (All are exact items I'm wearing, except for the H&M Cardigan which is an alternative & a bit cheaper!)

Red Velvet Cake


I've decided to appropriately title this look "Red Velvet Cake" after this gorgeous jacket that I got last year. I went for a sporty chic look with this outfit. I love the way the jacket pops against the black & white striped trousers. Most of the items I'm wearing are either from last year or sold out, so I found several similar items that you can purchase below. 

This week I have a ton going on at the office & with Savannah Influencers! SI is planning our very first benefit event to be held in January. It is going to be amazing - I have to keep the details secret for now but definitely stay tuned for when tickets go on sale! I'm also looking forward to a Savannah Blogger meet up this Saturday! I can't wait to meet up with some of my girlfriends (and meet a few new ladies, too). 

Hope you all kick ass this week! xoxo, Meredith