Work in Progress + My New Obsession


I'm a believer in the timing of the universe and yesterday I came across a quote on Instagram that really resonated with me.

"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress." - Sophia Bush

If you've been following along with my social media lately, you may have noticed that I've been working on the whole "mind, body, spirit" thing. I've been making small changes to my day to day life in hopes that I will have more energy and clarity of mind to accomplish all of the things I want to do, while maintaining a sense of balance in my life. When you're trying to make these changes, it can be easy to be really hard on yourself and feel like a failure or a phony - but this quote serves as a reminder that you are great, in this very moment. Last week I talked about my morning routine and this week I wanted to share a new obsession......... 

I've become OBSESSED with podcasts again! I find they are a very valuable tool and make it simple to absorb helpful information during times such as getting ready in the morning and whenever I'm driving in the car alone. I listen to business, lifestyle & entertainment podcasts. A few that I've been loving are: 

  • The Read (Hip-hop & pop culture with bloggers Kid Fury & Crissle. "On-air therapy session for 2 friends trying to adjust to life in the big city.")
  • No Limits with Rebeca Jarvis (She speaks with the most influential women about how they built their empires - mistakes, riskiest decisions & breakthrough moments. The one she did with Rebecca Minkoff - wow!)
  • TED Talks Daily - I like that these are very brief podcasts and the variety of topics is endless.
  • Heather Dubrow's World - Heather is queen of Fancy Pants and so far I've enjoyed listen to her interview Catt Sadler & Morgan Stewart. 

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, let me know which ones have been helpful to you! I just LOVE soaking in information!!! You should always take advantage of learning opportunities and opportunities for growth. 

Another newbie - I completed my first Orange Theory Fitness workout last night. I've been searching for the "right" workout for me and I think this may be it! I get bored in a gym and cardio is not my favorite. I did well with the group environment because it adds a bit of competition and I PUSHED MYSELF SO HARD for that hour. My friend Lauren had been going for a while so I was happy to have a friend there! As little as a one hour workout is in the grand scheme of life - I was really proud of myself. To be perfectly honest, my Monday evening at home typically consists of drinking wine ("stress reliever") and watching TV... and not much else! I broke this habit yesterday by scheduling the workout & picking up a healthy dinner from Zoe's Kitchen. By the time I got home - I didn't want the wine.    WORK IN PROGRESS.




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