The August Life Edit

Perhaps it’s the inner student in me, but the time of year between the end of summer and beginning of fall always feels like a nice time for revision. Life is constantly changing, consequently so are we and before you know it, you may feel a bit out of whack. I know this has been the case for me lately. I knew I needed to “check myself” when my first day back to work after an amazing vacation I was in a pissy mood. 

“You ungrateful brat - you just came back from vacay full of your favorite things and you’re already back to being stressed and bitchy” was literally my inner dialogue last Wednesday - (just being honest here)!

I decided to do some self-reflecting and I have determined that I just need to do a bit of a “edit” of my life, if you will. It’s time to check in with myself & see what is and isn’t working. It’s time to think about my goals and if they’ve changed. It’s time to think about the person I want to be and what I need to do evolve in to that person.

I’m convinced that my perfectionist tendencies get the best of me sometimes. I’ve said this many times before but I want to do 20 things at once, and do them all great. I’ve always been this way & I end up putting a tremendous amount of pressure on myself. As soon as one project finishes, I quickly move on to finding another2 more. Between our business, this website & Savannah Influencers, I definitely have more than enough on my mind! For the past several months I wake up and immediately feel stressed. I know this isn’t healthy and it’s not how I want to live. This is why I’m focusing this week on figuring out what morning routine is best for me. I know that a solid morning routine is key to being successful. 

I also want to spend time thinking about what my personal goals are and if they’ve changed this year. As my followers know, Tongue In Cheek Chic is my lifestyle website and it really is my personal mantra. I’ve been digging deep with Flourish Collaborative into my “personal brand” and what I want TICC to be. Synonymously this has stirred up some personal feelings since it’s been the equivalent ofa personal evaluation. It’s been really great having them ask me intuitive questions & I really think that you guys are going to be able to tell when the process is complete. I’m working hard to think about what content I want to create for you. I don’t want to be just another “fashion blogger.” I want to do much more. Not to mention my t-shirt line that I created this summer! (shop here.)

Finally another reason I’m in need of an edit is because I’ve got several changes happening at the office! My part-time assistants are all back at school and I need to hire a real deal bookkeeper. (Today I actually had to go to the bank and get my own lunch - not complaining b/c I'm certainly more than capable of doing this but it's not what I've had to do in a while!) I’ve now got probably 40 bookkeeper resumes to review. Hiring is hard! How do I know exactly what I need in an employee? I need to get my shit together at the office and just get it done!

Anyway, I hope to be able to update you with my progress on the above items. I like sharing real life stuff with you guys because I know that we are all facing our own personal challenges everyday and it’s nice to be able to relate or connect with others. Hopefully you’ll feel a little inspired to pause & edit your own life. i”m hopping right in to the morning routine planning tonight. If you have a fab morning routine - I’d love to hear about it! Comment below or send me an email 

In other news - I”M SO EXCITED THAT FLIPPING OUT IS BACK ON BRAVO THIS THURSDAY!!!!! This is my absolute favorite show, ever. Jeff Lewis - you are a God. Anyone else as equally obsessed? If so, we could be best friends. Also, I am an Aunt again! Our beautiful niece Lyla Grace Burton was born this Saturday. It was a wonderful experience to be with Ashley, Adam and Isabella soon after Lyla's birth - she's so perfect. Congrats Ash and Adam!