Why You Should Reevaluate The Accounts You Follow On Instagram

CAPTION THIS - Me wondering who I should unfollow.   Photo by: Andrea Kinnear H&M: Tyler Lively

CAPTION THIS - Me wondering who I should unfollow.   Photo by: Andrea Kinnear H&M: Tyler Lively

Last week I had a meeting with Donny & Juwan of The Bckyrd - a content creation company in Savannah. We talked a lot about Savannah Influencers and the power of social media, but one thing that stood out to me was near the end of the meeting when Juwan mentioned how many accounts I follow! I hadn’t really paid much attention to that - as I'm normally looking at how many followers I have (#truth). I was following nearly 1000 accounts. I thought, holy shit - why the hell am I following that many accounts? 

As soon as I got home, I pulled up Instagram and spent probably 15 minutes scrolling through the list & unfollowing accounts. Some were no brainers, others I clicked on the profile to see if I even remembered why I followed in the first place. Since Thursday, I’ve unfollowed about 100 accounts and I haven’t even noticed when looking at my feed. 

My takeaway is this - the Instagram user number is growing by the minute and there is SO.MUCH.CONTENT being thrown in our face every second we’re on Instagram….. to be honest it’s exhausting! The number of products being advertised in your feed is a Social Media Marketer’s wet dream. Have you ever clicked on a product link because somehow you thought that you really needed the product, added it to your cart & then took a step back and wondered how you even got there in the first place? I have nothing against marketing on Instagram - it’s such a profitable business for influencers - but I just want you to be more aware of it. Be an educated “buyer.” People are getting paid to advertise products - in a lot of cases influencers/bloggers are genuine and carefully choose what products to share with their audience. In other cases, they accept deals just because of the $$.

Another important takeaway is that you really should curate the types of accounts that you follow. What are you getting out of the account? Are you learning something? Are you receiving valuable information that is worth your time? It is inspiring you creatively in some way? You are in control of what you see on social media. If it’s not beneficial to you - unfollow. It’s that simple. 

I want to encourage you to clean up your “following” list. You will feel better, I promise. I challenge you to set a timer for 20 minutes and dedicate this to unfollowing. It’s the same principle as getting rid of 2 items for every item that you add to your closet. When’s the last time you cleaned up your list?