Celebrating the BEST Thing In My Life

There is someone who is very involved with Tongue In Cheek Chic that you never see - and that's my husband Brandon. Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary and I couldn't help but dedicate a post just to him.

 Check out some fun pictures below (in mostly chronological order). This proof that YES, I did use to wear floral & hot pink, and I did go fishing before. LOL. If nothing else, our fashion choices have improved drastically over the years. <3 

Simply put - he is my everything. I can't begin to describe how much I love him and how wonderful of a person he is. He has the biggest heart and is my #1 fan in the world. Everything I do, he is 100% supportive and always wants me to succeed. When I am stressed he knows how to comfort me. When I am sad he knows how to make me laugh. He knows how to deal with Gemini double-personality. No matter how big or small an idea or goal I have, he makes me feel like I can accomplish it. Every single day he tells me I am beautiful and how much he loves me. I couldn't have ever wished for a better partner in life. I feel truly blessed beyond measure!

Brandon - I love you SO MUCH and I am so proud of you. You are truly an amazing person, inside and out. I am so happy getting to work with you everyday - building our dream. Here's to forever together.   xoxo, Meredith