What Exactly is Savannah Influencers?

Hello! This morning I realized that it's been 1 year since #IGinSav - an event that introduced me to several ladies who are such a big part of my life now. This event marked the very beginning of the idea to form the group. I frequently get asked "What is Savannah Influencers?" so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share. 

We are a group of 26 females who are entrepreneurs/women in business in the Savannah area. We are motivated, driven, supportive, eager to learn, and compassionate. We believe in supporting and helping our friends succeed. We believe in talking about real issues affecting society today, and we believe in actively giving back to the community. 

Our group was loosely organized in September of 2016 when Andrea and I decided to host a dinner to bring together a dynamic group of women. By December, we had several interested ladies who worked together on some fun projects for the Children's Hospital and by January, we were official! This year we decided to focus on one main group & we've chosen to work with Safe Shelter- Center for Domestic Violence Services for 2017.  We hold meetings every two months & often feature guest speakers, or someone in the group will share their own personal story. In between meetings we actively communicate via a private Facebook group. 

My favorite part about Savannah Influencers is having all of these ladies as my friends. They are beautiful, smart, encouraging, and REAL! I can't tell you how much they inspire me every single day. We've shared countless important conversations - we've cried together, we've had goosebumps together... we've laughed together, too. I am so EXTREMELY proud to be a member of this group. In a time where social media contributes to a society focused on perfection & can make jealously fester - we choose to share our successes and failures with each other and also use our social media influence to spread a positive message. I know these ladies want me to succeed just as badly as I want them to. And I know that they all have compassion in their hearts for others & for their community. 

Savannah Influencers Mission Statement: To positively impact the Savannah community through  volunteer, fundraising, and awareness initiatives. We aim to assist our community and one other, through education, compassion, and support.

Values: Integrity || Empowerment || Stewardship || Community ||

To learn more about our organization: visit our website  www.savannahinfluencers.com

To make a donation to Safe Shelter - click here.  If you know anyone who is in a domestic violence situation, please take action! There is a 24/7 hotline available - (912) 629-8888. 

To contact us, email: savannahinfluencers@gmail.com

We are currently collecting household items & school supplies for the Safe Shelter. Complete list of items needed here. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported our cause in any way, it is greatly appreciated. We are excited to see our goals come to fruition this year!