Sometimes You Just Need a Cheap Thrill (Shoes, that is).

To be honest, I haven't shopped at Forever 21 in a WHILE. For a reason unknown, I ventured in to my closest store on Friday and surprisingly found a few gems worth sharing with you. I purchased 2 pair of slides, each less than $20. I had been eyeing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell slides at Nordstorm, but those were over $120 and these cheapies from Forever 21 will serve their purpose well. I'd like to think I have a good eye for spotting items that look more expensive than they are. My strategy of mixing Zara with premium denim & designer bags is usually a great formula for looking polished. I also picked up two tops & two bottoms on the same outing. 

Mondays can be brutal, and after a long day at the office perhaps you're ready to go home, crash, & drink wine while online shopping. If that's the case for you tonight - check out these cuties below. You'll get the euphoric sensation of online shopping in the comfort of your sweat pants & wine glass while not breaking the bank........regretting it in the morning. Let me know if you treat yourself to any of these cheap thrills- you deserve to. 

Pictured above: Shoes, less than $20 at Forever 21. Top - H&M. Jeans - Mother Denim. Hair - Tyler Lively.