I'm Ready for a Vacation!

So I initially thought we were going to go to Miami back on the 24th of June, but we decided to put those plans on hold for now! Brandon and I went to the pool on Sunday and while we were swimming we could read each other's minds - we REALLY are ready for a vacation, haha! Our favorite summer place is Miami for several reasons - 1. we have the option to drive or fly there 2. it combines the best of both worlds - stunning tropical beaches with amazing shopping & dining! 3. It's where we went on our honeymoon and every time we go back it's fun to reminisce on how much we've grown and accomplished since then.

I was 20 when we got married & still in school - we weren't prepared with how expensive everything was down there! I vividly remember freaking out about running out of our "honeymoon fund" very quickly after, on the first night, I ordered mac & cheese from the hotel & when we got the bill I couldn't believe that we paid $16 for mac & cheese - AND we got charged $6 for Pepsi refills. We were able to somehow make our money stretch out the entire week (thank God for crackers & cheese from Walgreens), but you know what - we had a great time.......... I am really much more of a spoiled brat now - whoops!  

Anyway, we've been there a total of 3 times on vacation now & I still dream of going back each time! Last September when we went, we seriously had the most amazing, romantic time!!! For now, I think we will try to go back sometime in late August or September (fingers crossed)! My DREAM vacation is obviously to go to the coast of Italy or France. If you have any recommendations on that - please let me know - I'd LOVE to hear about it. 

Aside from the beach, we love going to NYC... but I'm ready to go to Europe! I also DREAM of going to London and Paris (so cliche, I know). But honestly, I am fascinated by learning about other cultures and soaking in the feel of a new environment. It changes your perspective on the world and opens your mind for sure. Our 10th anniversary coincidentally is the same summer that I turn 30 - so in 2 years I'm hopeful that we can go to Europe (if not before then)!

I bought this fun frilly top & trousers back in April thinking it would be the perfect South Beach outfit. I ended up wearing the pants in NYC but hadn't been able to wear the top yet. Last week over the 4-day Holiday, I decided it would be fun to do a mini photoshoot with Brandon so we went out to the square and snapped away. With over 13 million tourists visiting Savannah every year, it's fun to think that we are fortunate enough to get to live in this beautiful city. I am always amazed when I hear foreign languages spoken in Savannah - like wow, I can't believe they traveled from Europe all the way to little Savannah - but then I look around and see how absolutely charming it is and I totally get it. 

So now I want to know - 1. where is your favorite vacation spot that you always travel back to and 2. where is your dream vacation?