My Fun Week with Trinity

To sum up my week last week - it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It started out with an article about Trinity getting published in the Savannah Morning News! (link here). On Wednesday, it was our Live TV debut with Reneé Lasalle and Kim Gusby on The Bridge WSAV!


Trinity, her mother Nina, Judah and I were on for a segment to talk about Trinity's need for a backyard fence, getting her service dog and my Pop-Up Shop to benefit Trinity. I was so nervous, but luckily I got to hold Judah during the entire segment (which calmed me down)! Trinity's father was there for support and I was joined by Melanie, owner of Word of Mouth Savannah. Big props to Melanie for helping me prepare for this news segment! 

It was such an honor to talk about Trinity and how much she has touched my life in the month's time that I've known her. I feel so blessed to have met her! As if the week wasn't big enough already, my beautiful friend Rosa of RMC Boutique opened her store for me to host my very first Pop-Up Shop for my Merchandise Collection! The night was full of friendship, love, and Photo Booth fun! I was overwhelmed by all of the support we received that night. Trinity & Judah were able to make an appearance and were joined by Nina and Trinity's sisters, Sariah and Jordan. Trinity enjoyed being the star of the night! Here is a fun video recapping the night. I gave a speech that ended up in tears (I knew that was going to happen)!!! 

If you weren't able to attend the Pop-Up Shop, remember that you can use code TRINITY online to place an order for my MERCH and I will be donating a portion of the profits to Trinity's Go Fund Me Page through July 15, 2017. Thanks again to everyone who came together to support Trinity last week - it meant SO MUCH to me!