What I've Been Up To This Month - June 2017

Can't believe that June is coming to an end! My birthday month has been a GREAT (but super busy) one! I met an amazing girl named Trinity (stay tuned for something exciting next week), we held another Savannah Influencers meeting, I had a great birthday celebration(s), did a photoshoot for my Merchandise Line, celebrated Karilena's graduation, Ezra turned 2, and got to participate in Savannah's first swimwear & lingerie fashion show as the stylist (Thanks to Jessica of Southern Sugaring)! That was followed with a spur of the moment weekend getaway to Charleston. This week I've been playing catch up at the office.... and planning my very first Pop-Up Shop next Thursday with Rosa of RMC Boutique - more on that later as well! Life is so busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel blessed to have so many inspiring friends in my circle and a supportive hubby who makes me feel like I can do it all! 

Yesterday Brandon and I decided to take some photos at the top of one of the parking garages and we got some pretty cool images! My top & shirt is from Zara and I'm loving these versatile pieces. Let me know if you have any outfit questions :-) This post is short and sweet but I have lots more info coming your way soon. 

xoxo, Meredith