Meet My New Friend Trinity & Learn How You Can Help!

Last week I had the absolute honor of meeting the sweetest little girl, Trinity. I'd like to think that fate brought us together through a flyer that I saw at Spanky's Pooler - right down the street from my office. You see, when my husband, my sister & I walked in to Spanky's there was a flyer that caught my attention. There was the cutest little girl with a big smile on a Go Fund Me flyer. I proceeded to pull off the tear-away tab at the bottom that contained a link to her page. As soon as we sat down I pulled up the page and began to read. I wasn't halfway done reading when my eyes teared up and I said "I want to meet this little girl. I think I can help her." I was able to get in contact with her mother a few days later an arranged a time when I could go to her house to meet Trinity! Luckily I was able to meet her a day before my birthday - what a joy that was! My friend Andrea joined along, as she was in town for our Savannah Influencers meeting!

Trinity is a very happy & active 7-year-old girl. She loves to dance, sing & play with her 4 siblings! She has Down Syndrome, which makes her "extra special" as her mother Nina put it. During our meeting, I learned that Trinity has had 2 open heart surgeries already- one at 2.5 months old and the second at 3 years old. She still has a residual VSD (hole in the middle wall of the heart) & an aortic valve leak. She also has Leukopenia (a reduction in the number of white cells in the blood), asthma, a peanut allergy & sensory issues. I also learned that sometimes children with Down Syndrome have a propensity to bolt - whether it be at the park, at the grocery store, or even at home. Trinity's mom thought that a service dog would be a wonderful way to help keep Trinity from bolting as well as assisting with keeping her calm at her doctor's appointments and helping with her physical therapy. 

When we arrived at their house, Nina greeted us at the door and welcomed Andrea and I inside. She called upstairs for Trinity and the cutest little girl came bouncing down the stairs. We also met her 4 siblings who were all so polite and well mannered kids. We spent around 45 minutes talking to Nina about Trinity's life story and playing with Trinity. She showed us her trophy that she got from dance class and then she sat right beside me and we were doodling in my planner. We took a few photos together and then she grabbed my phone and took a few selfies! My favorite part was when she was scrolling through my photo gallery and saw a picture of Brandon - she said "Ohhhhhh he's cute!" Just being around her for 45 minutes brought me so much joy. Her playful spirit and her enthusiasm for everything was contagious. We also discussed their need of a service dog and I told Nina that I thought I would be able to help raise awareness for their Go Fund Me page. 

Nina has found several waiting lists for service dogs however they are not hypoallergenic breeds & they won't train dogs that aren't from their list of breeders. After some research, Nina was able to connect with Skye Doodles in Atlanta, GA - they specialize in breeding Australian Labradoodles. These dogs are hypoallergenic and can be trained to be successful service dogs. The cost of these dogs are $2,750. The training of the service dog takes about 2 years and costs around $14,000! Thankfully, a few guys associated with Wounded Warriors in Pooler have volunteered to train the service dog free of charge - an incredible blessing! After visiting Trinity's home I learned that her family would love to have a secure back yard fence. This would keep Trinity safe and would also give her a space to play outside without being able to wander off. So how can you help? My wish and goal is to be able to help raise the money for Trinity to get her service dog and be able to install a backyard fence! 

I though it would be a great idea for me to generate a discount code for my t-shirt line to offer my followers a 10% discount. On sales generated through this discount code through July 15th- I will donate 20% of the proceeds to Trinity's page! Use Discount Code: Trinity

You can also donate directly to Trinity via her Go Fund Me Page (click here). 

I found a few fun videos from the family Facebook page - Gardner 101 that I thought I would share so that you can see how much joy and personality Trinity has! 

It would mean the absolute world to me to be a small part in making this dream come true for Trinity and her family. I hope that she will touch your heart the way she has touched mine. I texted with Nina today to tell her I was preparing the blog post tonight and told her to tell Trinity I said hi. Trinity's response was to tell me that I was "so so so cute." What a little angel she is! 

Please let me know if you have any questions & I'd love to hear what you think about this post!

xoxo, Meredith