Gucci Inspired Patched Denim Jacket

After months of pondering & admiring, I finally ordered all of my patches and just recently finished my creation last week. I'm not really one who does a lot of DIY projects but I knew this would be so easy to recreate. I purchased iron-on patches and then used permanent fabric glue to get a good seam around the edges of the patches. I am linking all of the patches below! I am obsessed with animals (truly obsessed & love them so much) so I knew that I wanted my jacket to be animal-themed. Red roses are classic so I knew they would look great as well. I have a white rose on the front and a fox on the side that you can't see in these pictures. If you decided to create your own jacket, tag me! I'd love to see your creations! I'm definitely going to be adding some more patches... probably some butterflies and a few more floral patches. 

Also - I think I've said this before on Snapchat or Instagram but I'm launching a t-shirt collection VERY SOON! I can't wait to share them with you, it's something I've been thinking about for a while and am really looking forward to getting the store set up on my website. So stay tuned my loves. The last pic of this post features one of the designs I've create - the "Élégant as f**k tee," because everything is classier in French. Be sure to subscribe so you get an email when the collection launches! 


Fox patch 

Bee patches   

White Roses  

Snake Patch  

Bird Patches   

Red Roses   

OUTFIT DETAILS:   Shoes & Skirt - Zara