What I Wish I Knew When I Quit My First "Real" Job


Ugh - the agony, anxiety, and pain of quitting your first "real" job. I got a great part-time in college that transferred into a full-time position when I finished up with my Master's degree. At the time we were considering building a home in Statesboro, GA - I would be super close to work and we would only be 30 min away from family. I really loved the people I worked with there and I had a lot of opportunities to move up in the company. However, something felt off. I didn't feel right but didn't know what it was. Out of the blue one night, either Brandon or I said something about not really feeling "at home" in Statesboro and toyed with the idea of moving to Savannah. We both instantly knew that's what we wanted to do. I texted my BFF Kate about a job in Savannah and the wheels were in motion. I dreaded telling my boss that I was going to be resigning.

Everything happened really fast - I interviewed for a new position and got the job offer the next day. Now came the hard part - quitting! Seriously I was SO WORKED UP about it. I wasn't sleeping well, felt sick, everything. But I did it... and I cried.... and looking back - how embarrassing! Honestly, I've always been a people pleaser so the thought of disappointing my boss (whom I really respected and look up to) was too much. But of course, everything was amicable and I didn't "burn any bridges" (something my parents and Nana kept telling me was important). 

In hindsight - I had no reason to feel guilty. What I wish I knew when I quit my first job was this: 

1. Business is business. It keeps going way after you're gone.

2. If you've been a good employee - of course they don't want you to leave! It costs money & takes time to train employees and anytime turnover happens, the employer has to incur costs to replace you.

3. You have to do what's right for you - always! 

4. Be confident in your decisions. You know what your instincts are telling you - don't waiver from your truth. 

5. The anxiety goes away immediately. I felt so much better after I had just told them. And I was able to move on to being excited about my new opportunity and moving to Savannah. 

I worked at my next job for 11 months before we made to decision for me to go full time with the family business. Quitting the second job was much easier. I was nervous still but felt more confident. I learned that I didn't owe anyone a super detailed, personal explanation. 

How did you feel when you quit your first full-time job? Were you as scared as I was? Was it amicable?!? Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts. I really want to get more personal & engaged with you guys - I look forward to sharing more with you! 

P.S. - I still email my old boss whenever I have an accounting question.