My Thoughts On "Me" Time

Last week I had the honor of  publishing a Guest Post for one of my friends, Ashley Beschell. Ashley is not only an Engineer, but also a Savannah-based photographer. One of her passions is Boudoir Photography & she recently started a Facebook group called "Inspiring Love." Through this group & her Boudoir sessions, Ashley seeks women to love themselves, accept their flaws, and share the empowering and beautiful results that come from these photos. Below is the article I posted......

 Let's get right to it! I want to talk about building confidence in yourself and taking some “me” time. As women, I think it’s so easy to get caught up in helping others first- family members, co-workers, friends, and putting your needs to the side. While it’s easy to think that always putting others first is the right thing, that can lead to neglecting yourself and maybe one day you look in the mirror and think- “wow, who am I looking at and where have I gone?” This can lead to negative thoughts & feelings and possibly lowered self-confidence. 

I want to stress the importance of taking some time every day to devote to yourself. We all have busy lives, but taking just a few (or ten) more minutes every morning to make yourself feel beautiful will make such a difference in your life. Work with the features you’ve got and let them shine! Have good hair? Show it off! Do you have long eyelashes? Add some mascara to really make them pop. And lipstick!!! The right shade can make such a difference for your face. Side note - a little under-eye concealer makes everyone look better. Personally, I love getting ready every morning and spending a few extra minutes to look & feel my best. Doing so gives me the confidence I need to face anything that day. Being confident is so powerful and it radiates from the inside out so that others can truly feel your presence. When you are fulfilling your own needs and feeling more confident & powerful, just think how much more of an impact you can make on other people’s lives. Maybe you’ve even got a little extra pep in your step to try something new or bring up a new idea at your next work meeting. Building up your confidence is the key to success! 

I was reading one of my favorite books - “What I Know For Sure” by Oprah and I came across this paragraph- 

As women we’ve been programmed to sacrifice everything in the name of what is good and right for everyone else. Then if there’s an inch left over, maybe we can have a piece of that. We need to deprogram ourselves. I know for sure that you can’t give what you don’t have. If you allow yourself to be depleted to the point where your emotional and spiritual tank is empty and you’re running on fumes of habit, everybody loses. Especially you.

Powerful, right? I want to challenge you all to write down a few things that you love about yourself and also jot down a few things that you’ve been neglecting about yourself. Then, pick a way that you can address one or two of the things you’ve been neglecting. I promise, building up your inner beauty/confidence will shine out for the whole world to see & admire. 

P.S. - Speaking of makeup routines, I'm editing a video that Makeup by Mary Elaine and I shot yesterday! Can't wait for you to see it.