Black + Suede = The Perfect Fall Look

Happy Monday! I am coming off of several CRAZY weeks at work followed by an absolutely amazing & relaxing vacation in South Beach.  That being said, I am excited to share some fall looks with you. Let's be honest, Fall & Winter fashion is my favorite, so I'm going to dive right in to this look - 1. Suede & Velvet are MAJOR this season. Lucky for me, I got these Sam Edelman heels over 2 years ago and they still look amazing & fit in perfectly with the current trends. 2. I am obsessed with this lace-up top from H&M - it's sold out in the striped but still available in black or white. 3. I've been rocking these Topshop black moto jeans for months & don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

My philosophy on dressing is to maintain a mostly neutral wardrobe - that way you look chic all year long & your clothes won't go out of style. I like to invest in pieces like shoes, bags, blazers & jeans that will last for years. I shop at stores like Zara, Topshop and H&M for fun, trendy pieces that are affordable. These are also great places to stock up on basics such as t-shirts, tanks & leggings. This Saint Laurent purse was a splurge during the summer, but since I maintain a neutral wardrobe with tons of black & white, this bag definitely works for me all year long. 

What trends are you most excited about for fall? Let me know!!! Can't wait to share some more fall looks with you later this week. P.S. - I am PALE AF in these pics - these were taken weeks before vacation when I was in dire need of a spray tan. Xoxo, Meredith

(Pics taken by Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design.)